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BWR 236 HAWKWIND - Solstice at Stonehenge 1984 2Lp - Box 2Lp+DVD+CD - CD+DVD

we are proud to announce first time on Vinyl and Cd complete legendary Solstice at Stonehenge 1984 by Hawkwind..
will be availalble in the following format:
1. limited box with DoubleLp / Cd / DVD + inserts + booklet etc.
2. Cd + DVD
3. Standard Double Vinyl
stay tuned.. NEXT RELEASES

BWR 235 THE BLACK - Ars Metal Mentis Cd/Lp

new album of the master of Italian Heavy Metal NEWS

BWR 108 JACULA - Tardo Pede in Magiam Versus Lp

Reissue with original artwork and laminated cover, original track list. limited edition will be available with colored vinyl + 7 inch NEWS

BWR 051 JACULA - In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum LP - remastered edition - new packaging


BWR 234 BALLETTO DI BRONZO - The Official Bootleg 2LP / CD

Perché "Official Bootleg"? Come può, un bootleg - ovvero, la registrazione di uno spettacolo o di un concerto fatta abusivamente, senza autorizzazione -, essere "ufficiale"? more NEWS

BWR 233 KHADAVRA - Hypnagogia Cd /DLp

Khadavra dig deep into the untapped subconscious, seek the unknown within and express what we find in sound. Music inspired by both common and uncommon experiences from ordinary more NEWS


a journey into the dark and yellow world of Fulci and Avati's Italian Gothic and Thriller, Black Sabbath meets Jacula and Goblin. NEWS

BWR 231 L'IMPERO DELLE OMBRE - Racconti Macabri Vol. III Cd / Lp

New album... stay tuned NEWS

BWR 230 IL GIRO STRANO - Il Pianeta della Verità LP

First time on vinyl! Led by the powerful voice of Mirko Ostinet, with great sax and keyboards work, this six piece from Savona created a reasonably original blend of Italian prog with jazzy influences.
Cover originally released by Maestro Armando Mancini, one of the Studio Up & Down (Quella Vecchia more NEXT RELEASES

BWR 229 MELISSA - Midnight Trampoline LP / CD

Official Reissue of one of the most interesting Aussie Prog Psych album from 1972, originally pressed on Banner Records. First time repressed on vinyl.
will be presented as Lp + more NEWS

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Records 1 to 10 of 244