BWR 262 FIELDS - Contrasts: Urban Roar to Country Peace LP


Recorded at CBS’s studios in Theobald Street, Field and ex-King Crimson drummer, Andy McCulloch were joined by new recruir, Frank Farrell, replacing Alan Barry who’d departed to pursue a solo career.
Frank had a pleasant voice and was also a solid bass player”.
The change in personnel brought a subtle but important change to the way Field approached his role within the group. “With Frank and Andy I was working with two professionals that were absolutely rock solid”.
Although Field himself had been signed to a three-album deal, when CBS changed the management structure they weren’t interested in even listening to the follow-up, never mind taking up the option of a third release.
While Andy McCulloch went on to join Greenslade, whilst Frank Farrell enjoyed songwriting success with Leo Sayer before dying at the tragically early age of 50 in 1997. For his part, Field, disillusioned by his treatment, left the music business for some time before immersing himself in the live arts and festival programming. The tapes for the second album by Fields languished in the archives and gathered dust and for but for a conversation with his children, they might well have stayed there yet instead of finding an audience in the 21st Century some 44 years after their recording.

Sid Smith
January 2015, Whitley Bay NEWS