BWR 247 NIK TURNER AND THE TRANCE DIMENSIONALS - Synchronicity 3 sides doubleLP

The TRANCE DIMENSIONALS band was formed by English musician Steve Hillman in 2016. Steve had been making electronic sounds with his audio generator since the early 1970’s, when as a teenager he was influenced by Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind and Gong. In the 1980’s, as a keyboard player and guitarist, he was part of the then underground electronic music scene in the UK and in the 1990’s he was signed to the progressive rock music label Cyclops Records who released four albums of his prog and space rock instrumental music. Steve has also collaborated with a variety of musicians around the world including the Greek synthesist Thaneco and with members of various orchestras, including the flute player with the world famous London Symphony Orchestra.
In 2016 Steve met with the legendary Nik Turner, a founder member of the space rock group Hawkwind, and they discussed working on an album together. Steve had already written enough material for an album and he decided to form the TRANCE DIMENSIONALS band as a way of presenting the new material with Nik fronting the band. Some of the tracks Steve wrote specifically for Nik, in particular “Thunder Rider Invocation” and “Sekhmet”, which purposefully harkens back to Nik’s Egyptian themed album from 1978 called “Xitintoday”.
At the time Steve was also a member of a prog rock band called Ra Rising and he asked their drummer Dai Rees and bassist Rob Andrews to join the band. Angel Flame, the dancer in Nik's Space Ritual and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, also agreed to join and soon after Dave Anderson, who had played bass in the German band Amon Duul II, the Groundhogs and on Hawkwind's 1971 album “In Search Of Space” also came onboard. In fact Dave plays on the new arrangement we have on the album of the song he wrote with Nik called “Children of the Sun”, that first appeared on “In Search Of Space”. Another veteran of Hawkwind, Mr Dibs also joins us on the track “Taken to the Limit”.
The band had their debut live performance in June 2018 at the Sonic Rock Festival in Worcestershire, England.
We already have enough new material for a new album and look forwards to working further with Black Widow Records whom we thank for their vision in signing us up!
La Trance Dimensionals band si forma nel 2016 grazie al musicista inglese Steve Hillman. Steve crea suoni elettronici con il suo audio generator sin dai primi anni 70s e già da ragazzino subisce il fascino di band come Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind e Gong. Negli anni 80s, come tastierista e chitarrista, fa parte della scena underground e negli anni 90s firma un contratto con la Cyclops Records con la quale realizza 4 album di musica strumentale tra prog rock e space rock. Steve collabora anche con molti musicisti in giro per il mondo, tra questi il musicista greco Thaneco e con membri di varie orchestre, incluso il flautista della famosa London Symphony Orchestra.
Nel 2016 Steve incontra Nik Turner, membro storico degli Hawkwind, e così nasce l’idea di lavorare insieme per un nuovo album. Steve ha già scritto materiale e forma la Trance Dimensionals band come progetto per presentare il nuovo materiale con il frontman Nik Turner. Alcuni brani sono stati scritti appositamente per Nik, in particolare “Thunder Rider Invocation” e “Sekhmet”, che si rifa volutamente all'album a tema egiziano di Nik del 1978 intitolato "Xitintoday". All'epoca Steve è anche membro di una prog rock band chiamata Ra Rising e chiede al batterista Dai Rees e al bassista Rob Andrews di unirsi alla band. Anche Angel Flame, la ballerina di Nik's Space Ritual e del Crazy World of Arthur Brown, accetta di unirsi alla band così come Dave Anderson, già bassista degli Amon Duul II, dei Groundhogs e degli Hawkwind nell’album “In Search of Space”del 1971. In effetti Dave partecipa all’arrangiamento di “Children of the Sun”, cover del brano originale degli Hawkwind appunto di “In Search Of Space”. Un altro storico membro degli Hawkwind, Mr. Dibs si unisce alla Trans Dimensionals band cantando nel brano "Taken to the Limit".
La band debutta dal vivo nel giugno 2018 al Sonic Rock Festival nel Worcestershire. E c’è già abbastanza materiale per un nuovo album..
“non vediamo l'ora di lavorare ancora con la Black Widow Records che tutta la band ringrazia per il loro supporto in “Synchronicity” (Steve Hillman)
Synchronicity will be available in the following formats:
1. Compact disc with 24 pages booklet
2. Double Lp with 16 pages booklet
3. Double Lp Limited ed. 66 copies “etched disc” + Poster + Insert + 16 pages booklet + mp3 download card
Line up:
Nik Turner: Vocals, Sax & Flute
Clog: Bass Guitar
Dai Rees: Drums
Steve Hillman: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Synths
Angel Flame: Narration on 02 & 10 Dave Anderson: Bass Guitar on 11 Eleanor Rees: Vocals on 11
Linda Hillman: Voice & Flute on 02 Mr Dibs: Vocals on 03
Richard Benjamin: Vocals on 08
Music and lyrics written by Steve Hillman except the narratives on “Destination Void” & “The Enchantress” by Terry James Hawke “Children of the Sun” written by Dave Anderson & Nik Turner published by Universal / Island Music Limited
Arranged by Steve Hillman
Nik, Dave & Angel recorded at Foel Studio, Wales.
Engineered by Mike Bew.
Produced by Steve Hillman.
Cover layout & design by Steve Hillman & Pino Pintabona.
with thanks to Andy Pickford, Kim Hadley, Dave Roberts, Jez Creek, Long Row Audio in Pontypridd, Martyn Hasbeen, rodrigo Passannanti, Sally Oldfield, Terry & Dorthe Hawke, Thanasis Oikonomopoulos, Thorbjorn Johansson & to the spirit of Bob Calvert.
A special thank YOU to Massimo & all at Black Widow for having us!
Dedicated to Brian Forster, Frans Ravensteijn & Trevor Hughes. NEWS