BWR 224 MELTING CLOCK - Destinazioni 2LP / CD

Melting Clock is a musical project born in the Faculty of Physics, University of Genoa, in 2001. At the time the group’s aim, which brought together experienced musicians and beginners, was sheer amusement and musical growth, pursued through the covering of songs by more and less known bands of the progressive rock scene. Over the years the pieces studied have influenced Melting Clock’s sound: much attention has been paid to some of the most interesting contemporary bands such as Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Opeth, Ayreon, without however neglecting milestones that have made the history of the progressive genre like Pink Floyd, Genesis and PFM. Melting Clock have undergone many line up changes: alongside the four founding members Sandro Amadei (keyboards and vocals), Stefano Amadei (guitars), Alessandro Bosca (bass guitar) and Francesco Fiorito (drums), Simone Caffè (guitars) and Emanuela Vedana (vocals) more recently joined the band. The skills acquired and the renewed enthusiasm led to the decision to devote to the composing of original music. Melting Clock’s style is characterized by evocative and powerful sounds, which aim at immediately capturing the listener - without giving up elements of complexity - and conveying a strong emotional charge. Lyrics are in our mother tongue, Italian. We fully follow the spirit of progressive music in our free approach to writing and interest in contamination from the most diverse genres.

DESTINATIONI develops the theme of travel in all its meanings. The dreamlike flavor of "Antares" contrasts with the harsh denunciation of society in "L’Occhio dello Sciacallo" and "Banalmente"; the suffocating alienation of "Vetro" dissolves in the redemption of "Strade Affollate"; "Caleidoscopio" and "Sono Luce" explore different facets of the inner journey, while "Destinationi" is a metaphor for the cyclical nature of Time. The journey of DESTINATIONI is characterized by sounds recalling the contemporary progressive scene in an original and creative way, with elements ranging from its more symphonic side to psychedelic rock and hints at acoustic or aggressive passages.

Caleidoscopio 8:23
Banalmente 5:16
Vetro 7:10
Strade Affollate 4:57
L’Occhio dello Sciacallo 2:51
Antares 7:39
Sono Luce 6:40
Quello che Rimane 3:21
Destinazioni 14:59

Bonus track (Lp only): Alla Corte del Re Cremisi 16:06

Emanuela Vedana: Voce
Simone Caffè: Chitarra
Stefano Amadei: Chitarra
Sandro Amadei: Tastiere/Voce
Alessandro Bosca: Basso
Francesco Fiorito: Batteria CATALOG