BWR 222 LA JANARA - Tenebra Cd

La Janara is a heavy doom metal band with progressive and folk influences formed in 2015 in Hirpinia, which takes its name from the mysterious witch – the janara - who lived for centuries in the legends and tales of Hirpinian people. La Janara combines the electric experiences of Italian occult rock (Death SS, Paul Chain) with the secular ones made of popular beliefs, superstitions and mysterious legends, which roots into the psyche of the southern Italian people since its origins.

After the release of a demo in 2015 and the first self-titled EP "La Janara" in 2017, distributed by Black Widow Records, La Janara releases its first, official debut album titled Tenebra (out on 27th March 2019) and the new song “Il Canto dei Morti” (“The Song of the Dead”) on 13th February 2019, produced and distributed by the legendary italian occult rock and metal label Black Widow Records with lyrics and music by Il Boia (Nicola Vitale).

The album, set in a timeless and rural Hirpinia surrounded by mountains and old villages, tackles the theme of the dark side of the human soul, but also the sorrow and freedom of women who have endured the weight of oppression over the centuries, who find their place within society only through pagan rituals and occult invocations. The album was recorded halfway between Blackness Studios by Rocco Minichiello (Release the Blackness) and Time Collapse Studios in Rome - where it was mixed and mastered by Alessio Cattaneo and Riccardo Studer (Stormlord). Featuring the new drummer "il Mercenario", after the departure of “l'Alchimista”, Tenebra sees the presence of several special guests (Riccardo Studer on keyboards, Alessandro Liccardo of Hangarvain on the solos of the songs "Mephis" and "Or Poserai per Sempre" with Giulian of black metal band Scuorn on vocals and Alessio Cattaneo, who played bass and drum programming on “Ver Sacrum”).

1. Malevento
2. Mater Tenebrarum
3. Violante Aveva Un Osso di Capra
4. Tenebra
5. Mephis
6. Cera
7. Il Canto dei Morti
8. Volano i Corvi
9. Or Poserai Per Sempre
10. Ver Sacrum

La Janara (Raffaella Càngero): vocals
Il Boia (Nicola Vitale): guitars
L’Inquisitore (Rocco Cantelmo): bass guitar
Il Mercenario (Antonio Laurano): drums

Special guests:
Riccardo Studer (Stormlord): keyboards, orchestra arrangements
Alessio Cattaneo: bass and drum programming on “Ver Sacrum”
Alessandro Liccardo (Hangarvain): guitar solo on “Or Poserai per Sempre” and 2nd guitar solo on “Mephis”
Giulian (Scuorn): vocals on “Or Poserai Per Sempre”.
Rocchina Del Priore: artwork

2015: Demo (Demo)
2017: La Janara (EP, distribuited by Black Widow Records)
2019: Tenebra (Full-length, Black Widow Records) NEWS