BWR207 HOLLOWSCENE - Hollowscene

The band was founded in the early 90s as a duo (Andrea Massimo – guitar, Lino Cicala – keyboards) with
the name of Banaau. After a long pause, they reformed in 2016 releasing the album The Burial, which met
with good success. On that occasion, the line-up was enlarged to seven members:
Andrea Massimo, voice, guitar
Lino Cicala, keyboards
Andrea Zani, keyboards
Demetra Fogazza, flute, backing vocals
Elton Novara, guitar
Tony Alemanno, bass
Matteo Paparazzo, drums
The band new name is HOLLOWSCENE, a word pun that refers both to a hollow scene and, by assonance,
to holocene (our current geological era). Additionally, this name recalls T.S. Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men.

HOLLOWSCENE’s style is a unique combination of symphonic prog and lyrics by outstanding American and
English authors, especially T.S.Eliot, whose The Waste Land inspired Banaau’s first album: The Burial.
In this poem (lines 411-418) the mention of “Broken Coriolanus” encouraged the choice of Shakespeare’s
tragedy of Coriolanus, for the new album concept.
Coriolanus, for HOLLOWSCENE, is a proud, rude but pure character: “his heart is his mouth”.
He doesn’t come down to compromise; he has no need for social approval; he would never disown himself.
He is “broken” because his purity is in contrast to real life: he is forced to choose between his pride and love
for his family; this choice will bring Coriolanus to a sad death.

Broken Coriolanus (2018) is a concept based on the W. Shakespeare’s
tragedy Coriolanus. It features five tracks:
1. Welcome To Rome
2. A Brave Fellow
3. Traitor
4. Slippery Turns
5. Rage & Sorrow
6. The Moon is Down (Gentle Giant cover)

The Worm (1990), lyrics by E.A. Poe, first-prize winner song by Banaau, re-arranged for the
new line up. CATALOG