BWR001 CRYSTAL PHOENIX - Same Lp (2012) / Cd (1993)

The mythical number one! The Black Widow history began in 1992 with this first release between folk, progressive and epic-metal, a real gem of the italian scene which is presented with the original artwork and 4 bonus tracks. do not miss it!!

1. Damned warrior 2. 474 anno Domini 3. Somewhere, nowhere battle 4. Loth-er Siniell 5. Heaven to a flower (part I) Violet crystal phoenix (part II) 6. Dark shadow: the dove and the bat the last flight
bonus tracks: 7. Damned warrior (1989 demo tape) 8. Heaven to a flower (1989 demo tape) 9. The dove and the bat (instrumental, 1989 demo tape) 10. 474 anno Domini (2011 version)

Myriam Sagenwells Saglimbeni
Raymond (Remo) Sgrò
Andrea (Andrew) Amico CATALOG