BWR 264 SOPHYA BACCINI'S ARADIA - Runnin' with the Wolves Lp

Second album by SOPHYA BACCINI'S ARADIA, which sees the lineup completely renewed apart from the faithful Marilena Striano on piano, keyboards and vocals. Six musicians full of talent and courage who give life to a work with a symphonic edge with references to classic hard rock, capable of running with the wolves in a difficult environment where all-female bands are rarely found, hence the title of the album. Seven songs which also include a short suite, where the voices of Sophya and five members of the group stand out, all excellent and professional singers who are inspired by the 70s prog of the New Trolls, Delirium and Gentle Giant, with experimental sounds in the aim to renew and perpetuate the tradition of the most classic and pure Italian and international Progressive Rock. LP