BWR 203 IL SIGILLO DI HORUS - Effimera LP + insert

In early 70s Diego Bertone and Beppe Aleo met Angelo Godone and soon started to play covers of Emerson Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, The Trip, Procol Harum, Deep Purple. In 1973 guitar player Maurizio Barbarisi joined the band and together created Il Sigillo di Horus project with their own compositions.
They composed Effimera and Venti Passi but an important member still missed… a vocalist, and they thought about a female voice.
Local well known vocalist Ivana Costi, usually sing commercial music is immediately involved in the band and sing with great feeling the songs more intricated of Il Sigillo di Horus.
In 1975 the band won a RAI contest and appeared in a TV Show “Piccola Ribalta”; they published a 7 inch with 2 tracks and later SAAR proposed to record Effimera and Venti Passi in order to make later a complete album. The two tracks were recorded stereo with no overdubs, only Ivana Costi recorded her voices later separately.
This album is a little treasure, an important testimony of the historical period of Italian Progressive, rediscovered today, for all fans of the best italian Prog tradition as Circus 2000, Le Orme, Analogy.
Do not miss it!

Side A
EFFIMERA (17:36)
Side B
RICORDI (8:00)
VENTI PASSI (Short Version) (3:06)

Angelo Godone: Rickenbacker bass guitar and pedals
Beppe Aleo: Drums Diego Bertone: Hammond B3 organ, moog and electric strings
Ivana Costi: Vocals
Maurizio Barbarisi: Gibson Les Pauls and acoustic guitar

Music and arrangements by Sigillo di Horus - Lyrics by Armando Esposto All recordings made in 1975, mastering by Raoul Caprio in 2017
Front cover by “Alebà” Alessandra Barucchi - LP