Unforgettable live in Genova by the Legendary 70s Italian Prog Band… This is the last concert with Maurizio Zarrillo who sadly died 2 months after the show.. and just before the band played in Japan presenting this DVD-CD.
After 44 years from the Lp “Dedicato a Frazz” they performed the whole album with the addition of spoken parts narrated by Giampiero Artegiani which introduced each track creating an emotional atmosphere. New members Vito Ardito on vocals, Ivo Mileto on bass, Rino Amato on keyboards joined the original founders Paolo Faenza on Drums, Maurizio Zarrillo on Keyboards and Giampiero Artegiani on Acoustic Guitar.
The band show a great energy and freshness with a really thrilling performance, the show finished with a new song “Morire per Guarire” with the narration part by Giampiero Artegiani “La Fine non Esiste” . In the CD there is another new song called “Mille Universi” that returns to Progressive World a Great and inspired Band!
Do not miss it!!

Quattro Fili (O’51”)
LA BOTTEGA DEL RIGATTIERE (9’45”) Fragile Involucro (0’52”) LUNA PARK (4’54”) Ombre di Ritorno (O’50”) UNO ZOO DI VETRO (8’20”) Foglio Bianco (0’54”) PER UNA STRADA AFFOLLATA (8’20”) Il Silenzio e i Bambini (O’55”) DIETRO UNA PORTA DI CARTA (7’06”) La Verità non Serve (1’06”) FRAZZ (6’57”) Circo Universo (1’00”) CLOWN (6’48”) La Fine non Esiste (1’16”) MORIRE PER GUARIRE (8’46”) MILLE UNIVERSI (5’20”) BONUS TRACK CD ONLY Paolo FAENZA - Drums, Vibraphone, Backing Vocals Maurizio ZARRILLO – Eminent keyboard, Backing Vocals Vito ARDITO – Lead Vox, acoustic guitar Antonio TRAPANI - Electric guitar Ivo MILETO – Electric bass Rino AMATO – Piano, Organ, Keyboard and with Giampiero ARTEGIANI – Acoustic guitar, narration Directed and Edited by Matteo MALATESTA Video Production: MALPAPRODUCTION87 ( Live Sound Technician: Massimo CALCAGNO Live Sound Recording by Patrick SIMONETTI Mixing and Mastering by Roberto MASCIA (Officina Musicale – Roma) Audio Editing by Rino AMATO Executive Producer: Paolo FAENZA Artistic Producer: Giampiero ARTEGIANI, Paolo FAENZA, Rino AMATO Graphic Layout by Pino PINTABONA Photography: Roberto SCORTA, Pino PINTABONA, Bob MERCURY, Enrico ROLANDI CD