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BWR196 ALVARO "JUMBO" FELLA & CAP - Coraggio e Mistero Lp / Cd


BWR195 THE MUGSHOTS - Something Weird Lp / Cd


BWR194 VANEXA - Too Heavy to Fly Lp

Paradox Official Video Clip

Here’s the most prominent Italian Heavy Metal band out of the Metal Rock wave born in late' 70s and early '80s. The band was formed in Savona in 1979 with a typical British sound in the wake of the NWOBHM and their debut album "Vanexa" was more CATALOG

BWR193 SEID - Wettlaufer's Enke Lp

This album is the musical accompaniment to Agnes Wettlaufer’s descent into darkness, to an axe-slashing, to the rotting of a human head, to madness unraveling and to the quiet introspection of a true psycho killer.
For Frizzi, Goblin and thriller giallo soundtracks lovers!!

Track more CATALOG


In March 2013 Ken Hensley & Live Fire recorded an album in Alicante, Spain. Ken Ingwersen (guitar) and Tom Fossheim (drums) had been playing with Hensley for 6-8 years at that point, but this was the first time they met Roberto Tiranti (vocals and bass). Within few hours, the guys hit it off more CATALOG

BWR191 INGRANAGGI DELLA VALLE - Warm Spaced Blue Lp / Cd

Warm Spaced Blue is the second release of the Italian progressive-rock band Ingranaggi della Valle.
The recording began on March 2016 at StudioSETTE in Rome but album was conceived more CATALOG

BWR190 PAOLO SIANI ft. NUOVA IDEA - Faces with no Traces Lp/Cd

After the album ‘’ Castles, wings, stories and dreams’’ and the DVD ‘’Nuova Idea -Live Anthology’’, ‘’Faces with no traces’’ is the second solo album of more CATALOG

BWR189 BARI WATTS - There Was a Time

Indeed, there was a time some four and a half decades ago that one Marc Bolan was, according to Bari’s liner notes, “the biggest pop sensation of the time”. Aided and abetted variously by Steve Peregrin Took (who died 35 years ago this week), Bill Legend (the only surviving member), Steve more CATALOG

BWR188 THE TRIP - Live '72

One of many English bands coming to Italy in search of success during the beat-era, The Trip included a young Ritchie Blackmore in their first line-up, along with founder members Arvid "Wegg" Andersen, Billy Gray and drummer Ian Broad, but a line-up change brought two italians in, keyboard player more CATALOG


Landskap is a British prog doom metal band from London.
Their debut album "I" was released in January 2014. We are proud to annouce their second album “II” which will be available next October on Black Widow Records.
Echoes of the ghost of Jim Morrison here and there in the vocals and a SUPERB more CATALOG

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Records 11 to 20 of 203