BWR193 SEID - Wettlaufer's Enke Lp

This album is the musical accompaniment to Agnes Wettlaufer’s descent into darkness, to an axe-slashing, to the rotting of a human head, to madness unraveling and to the quiet introspection of a true psycho killer.
For Frizzi, Goblin and thriller giallo soundtracks lovers!!

Track list:

Chapter A:
1. Finanzen Overture
2. Agnes
3. Ernst
4. Wettlaufer’s Waltz
5. Metamorfoze, baby!
6. Alt skal gas a bra

Chapter B
1. Transmutation
2. Kveld
3. Natt hos Wettlaufers
4. Auf Wiedersehen, Ernst!
5. Sylvander
6. Kurt
7. Aldri Igjen, Ernst

Burt Rocket: Organ, mellotron, analogue synthesizers, electric and acoustic piano, bass, 12 string guitar, nylon guitar, timpani and percussion
Jurgen Kosmos: Electric guitar and baritone guitar

Martin Victor: Modular synthesizer and percussion
Janis Lazzaroni: Electric guitar
Stina Stjern: Vocals

Arranged, recorded and mixed by Burt Rocket except “Metamorfoze, baby!” which was recorded, arranged and mixed by Alexander Rishaug at Kunstakademiet I Trondheim, back in 2001.
Mastered for vinyl by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering.
Cover design by Ostbo Formgiveri
Written, arranged and compiled here for the movie Wettlaufers Enke ( – CATALOG