BWR190 PAOLO SIANI ft. NUOVA IDEA - Faces with no Traces Lp/Cd

After the album ‘’ Castles, wings, stories and dreams’’ and the DVD ‘’Nuova Idea -Live Anthology’’, ‘’Faces with no traces’’ is the second solo album of Paolo Siani.
Siani wrote all tracks, arrangements and lyrics with the participation of many musicians.
1) This album starts with ‘’Intro Duduk’’ (Armenian typical ethnic instruments) a brief melody of Gevorg Dabaghyan, probably the best duduk’s player; magical and evocative theme that will be also the beginning of the next live concerts.
2) After the Intro Paul Gordon Manners sing and play the guitars in ‘’No one’s Born a Hero’’ acoustic ballad whose theme is a an ancient legend of a simple farmer which defeated a giant only his magical sword (Blunderbuss).
3) First ‘electric’ track is ‘’Welcome aboard’’ where the voice of Roberto Tiranti sing a theme that invite the audience to come aboard of a ‘’staggering ship’’ to discover new worlds. Here there are also the guitars of Paolo Vacchelli and Marco Abamo, the Farfisa organ of Paolo Tognazzi, bass Roberto Tiranti and the voice and drums of Paolo Siani.
4)‘’Black Angel’s Claws’’ is the following track in which P. Siani plays all instruments except bass played by Guido Guglielminetti. Lyrics are much autobiographic about the theme of bad people and the inability to forgive the evil that these people do.
5)‘’Free the borders’’ is the next track with the participations of Guido Guglielminetti at bass, Carlo Marrale (ex Matia Bazar) acoustic and electric guitars, paolo Vacchelli efx electric guitar, Federico Buelli at sax solos, Nuove Armonie (40 female singers) choir conducted by Maurizio Ramera and arranged by Diego e Fabio Gordi with Laura Capretti soloist voice, mellotron played by Giangiusto Matiucci and the voices of Paolo Siani and Paul Gordon Manners; lyrics wants push the dictators to leave people free to move and against the wars where die thousands of young people for the thirst of power of a few men.
6) ‘’Rockstar’’ is an ironic rock song played at guitars by Ricky Belloni after an oprgan Intro by Paolo Tognazzi, bass and voice of Roberto Tiranti, hammond organ and drums of Paolo Siani. This rockstar has a recurring dream in which the girls run away for his bad breath
7) ‘’Post War Saturday Echo’’ is an originally Quatermass blues of 1971 here live recorded with Paolo Siani at drums, Roberto Tiranti at bass and lead vocal, Marco Zoccheddu at piano and Giorgio Usai at hammond organ It denounces the emptiness of the frantic city life.
8) ‘’Three Things’’ , strongly autobiographical is a suite in 6/8 whose theme is the reflection that every man has the attainment of a mature age . Very brief , the lyrics say how important they are to the ' end of journey' : what they loved , what has been experienced with gentle manners and how much you have let go of things that were not important to improve their existence. Cellist Eva Feudoi Shoo . Three Things i salso presented as single and videoclip (directed by Matteo Malatesta for MALAPRODUCTION87)
9’’E’riu’’ (pronounced eirù ) is the last song , instrumental, that Paolo Siani dedicated to Celtic music and , in particular , to that of Ireland . Eriu consists of two parts in which the first , slow and orchestral , opens to the second which is a real dance . The accordion solo by Marco Zoccheddu gives a further boost to the dance that ends the album in a folk way semiacustico as it had begun .
10 ) Bonus track 1 – Lee Roy Thornhill (ex Prodigy ) and Alessandro Siani present their ‘’Black Angel’s Claws Remix’’ built with powerful and contemporary sounds . This track was mastered by Geoff Pesche in the Mastering Room 5 of Abbey Road Studios in London.

No One’s Born a Hero 5:51
Welcome Aboard 4:09
Black Angel’s Claws 6:40
Free the Borders 6:35
Rockstar 5:06
Post War Saturday Echo 7:25
Three Things 4:26
E’Riu 6:22
Bonus CD ROM Tracks:
Three Things official Video
Black Angel’s Claws Remix
Black Angel’s Claws Remix (instr.)

Marco Abamo el guitar
Ricky Belloni el guitar
Marco Biggi percussions
Federico Buelli sax
Stefano Cabrera strings arrangement
Andrea Calzoni flute
Gevorg Dabaghyan duduk solo
Diego & Fabio Gordi choir arrangement
Guido Guglielminetti el bass
Paul Gordon Manners ac guitars & lead vocal
Carlo Marrale ac & el guitars
Giangiusto Mattiucci mellotron
‘’NUOVA ARMONIA’’ choir conducted by M° Maurizio Ramera
Laura Capretti soloist
Eva Feudo Shoo cello
Roberto Tiranti bass & lead vocal
Paolo Tognazzi hammond organ
Giorgio Usai hammond organ
Paolo Vacchelli el guitar efx
Marco Zoccheddu el piano & accordion
all not mentioned instruments were played by Paolo Siani

Mix Engineers
Marco Biggi & Marco Abamo at BMA Studio – Genoa
Except for ‘’No one’s born a hero’’ recorded &mixed at Falcon Studio – Montefiore Conca
Mastering: Elettroformati – Milan
Engineer Alessandro ‘Gengy’ Di Guglielmo
Except for ‘’Black angel’s claws’’ mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche
Cover design: Alberto Boldrini
Graphic Layout: Pino Pintabona
Executive producer for Black Widow Records: Pino Pintabona
Three Things Videoclip: MALAPRODUCTION87 directed by Matteo Malatesta
Black angel’s claws Remix: Leeroy Thornhill & Alessandro Siani
Mixed at Fonologie Monzesi Studio – Monza by Max Faggioni
Mastered at Abbey Road studios – London - by Geoff Pesche

Thanks to:
Embassy of Armenia in Rome
Armenian Cultaral Center in Venice Mr. Minas Lourian
Alessandro Siani for artistic supervision
Cavalli Musica