Second album of Phoenix Again, published in 2014.

Adso da Melk
Look Out
The Endless Battle
Invisible Shame
Dance of Three Clowns

Line Up:
Antonio Lorandi: Basso elettrico e acustico / electric and acoustic bass
Silvano Silva: Batteria e percussioni / Drums and percussion
Sergio Lorandi: Chitarre elettriche e acustiche / electric and acoustic guitars
Andrea Piccinelli: Tastiere e violoncello / Keyboards and cello
Giorgio Lorandi: Percussioni / Percussion
Marco Lorandi: Chitarre elettriche e acustiche / electric and acoustic guitars

Founded by Claudio Lorandi (lead guitar & vocals), Antonio Lorandi (bass guitar), Sergio Lorandi (acoustic & electric guitar), Silvano Silva (drums & percussions), the Phoenix are born in October 1981 after the dissolution of the Study Group Alternative . The members of the group share the same taste in music (King Crimson, Genesis, PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, etc.) And their compositions reflect the influence of the progressive rock of the 70s.
Right away, the Phoenix create and propose compositions researching new sounds from a jazz-rock, progressive and ambient.
Tread the stages of Lombardy since the early 80s and during their performances are supported by various musicians: Luca Guizzardi, Angelo Miglioli, Uwe Schliper (keyboards); Aldo Miglioli (mixer); Paolo Mariotto, Luca Bergamaschi (bass); Brown Hair (vocals, guitars, translator of texts); Giacomo Scissors (electric guitar).
In 1986, with the arrival of Emilio Rossi (keyboards and mixers) in the group, the compositions take on a more symphonic robe and in 1991 the Phoenix affect ALCHIMIE, cassette containing some of the songs composed up to that time.
The live activity of the group lasts until 1998, so the band members realize separately other projects; Sergio affects ALMA LATINA with Fabio Venturini (production Green Movie Group, Milan); Claudio, Antonio Silvano and with the collaboration of Alex Adu Gyamfi (vocals) affect "BEGINNING OF THE GAME", rearranging old songs of the band.
The April 15, 2007, the Phoenix are affected by a bereavement: Claudio, founder of the group, died prematurely.
In 2008 the trio Antonio, Silvano and Sergio meets to make a commemorative CD, THREEFOUR containing compositions born from the group in the 80s with guitar parts performed and recorded by Claudio retrieved in the archives "Phoenix".
The addition of the word "AGAIN" to the group name is the result of a choice dictated by the identification requirements but emphasizes the concept of "rebirth" of the band, which has been able to react to a serious loss and that, more than ever, it is determined to bring to light decades of unreleased music.
February 28, 2014 Again Phoenix released their second studio album, LOOK OUT, using the aid of young musicians who, as early as 2011, they supported the band in live performance: Marco Lorandi, Giorgio Lorandi and Andrea Piccinelli. To these are added Lorandi Alessandra, daughter of Sergio, who, during the live, plays the flute in the song Free Ireland.

You can listen the Phoenix Again on their bandcamp page at the following link: CD